1950s Large Hamper




For those whose sweet years were the 1950s, this one is for you.

As a guide we estimate “sweet years” between the ages of 7 and 14, the days when you had to earn your pocket money, walk or cycle everywhere and when your biggest decision was what shall I buy with my pennies this week?

We interviewed 720 people to find out the top sweets in each era, so if yours isn’t here blame them!

This beautiful wicker hamper made from willow comes with a 1950s tag.

The contents come wrapped in our signature lime green tissue and tied with a piece of hessian.


  • 150g bag of Rhubarb and Custards
  • 150g bag of Pontefract Cakes
  • 150g bag of Jazzies
  • 150g bag of Cola Bottles
  • 150g bag of Sherbet Lemons
  • 150g bag of Pear Drops
  • 150g bag of Dolly Mixtures
  • 150g bag of White Mice
  • 5 x Parma Violets
  • 10 x Alphabet Letters
  • 5 x Fruit Salads
  • 5 x Black Jacks
  • 5 x Fizzers
  • 1 x Drum Sticks
  • 1 x Mini Love Hearts
  • 1 x Sherbet Fountain
  • 50g packet of Black Treacle

The hamper measures approximately: 38cm x 25cm x 15.4cm