How to Find the Perfect Gift


When we choose a gift for a friend or relative, we usually spend a lot of time trying to find what we could consider the ‘perfect’ gift, whether this be something they want or something they need. Looking for the perfect gift can leave us spending hours searching in shops.

What is the perfect gift?

The perfect gift is not one that is just a perfect object. The perfect gift, whether bought or made or discovered, is an item that communicates our message to the recipient, and can mean more to the recipient than the most expensive or grand looking gift in store.
Your perfect gift can communicate that you want the recipient to look after themselves, you may be celebrating their creativity, their humour, or their courage.




The perfect gift has value, but not necessarily a cost

The gift that is most appreciated may not have cost any money at all, but was of immense value because of what the gift communicated. This is because rather than thinking about a particular item and worrying what they might think of it, you are thinking about what you want to communicate. Parents of young children get precious little time to themselves. A ticket of freedom to have a bath without interruption from little ones whilst you take the children to the park has a great value for many.

Thinking around what you want to communicate may lead you to choosing a gift such as chocolates, flowers, jewellery, a watch, a crate of beer or the latest album download from their favourite band. That’s no bad thing, it’s just that your new way of thinking has allowed you to reach your decision faster and with more certainty that it is the perfect gift for that person.